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Pork Chews

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Pig Ear Dog Treat
Pig Ear Dog Treat - 1 Piece
Retail: $1.99
Price: $1.25
You Save: 37 %
Pig Ear Dog Treat - 1 Piece
Our Premium Pig Ear Dog Treats are All Natural and low in fat and high in protein. These treats will help remove plaque and tarter and keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy. They encourage healthy chewing, and are very long lasting.
Pig Heart
Pig Heart - 1 Piece
Retail: $3.45
Price: $3.28
You Save: 5 %
Pig Heart - 1 Piece
Pork Pumpers - Pork Heart Pieces
Pork Skin Roll
Pork Skin Roll - 1 Piece
Retail: $5.99
Price: $2.99
You Save: 50 %
Pork Skin Roll - 1 Piece
Pork skin rolls are all natural and provide an excellent treat for dogs. These are made from natural parts that go through a cooking process that locks in flavor and nutrients.
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