5 Pack of Salmon Jerky Filled Cow Hooves - Made in USA.

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Give your pup a long-lasting treat that packs the best of both worlds when it comes to chewing and snacking. These filled hooves provide the chewing factor dogs crave on the outside, and a deliciously meaty-flavored filling on the inside. They’ll stay busy licking up the tasty goodness within and then chewing away on the hoof. All that gnawing helps satisfy dogs’ instinct to chew while supporting dental health. They’re made in the USA with American sourced ingredients, and never any artificial colors or flavors. Key Benefits Two-in-one, long-lasting treat—a hoof to gnaw on and a tasty, soft filling on the inside. Lip-smacking filling is made with delicious flavors. Provides lasting chewing satisfaction and licking for the tasty filling. Delivers the chewing satisfaction dogs crave, and helps support dental health.